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Slide Repair Parts We can often repair obstruction lighting PC Boards, Power Converters, and Flash Heads for a fraction of the cost of buying new. 90-day warranty on all work. Get Started >> Browse All Products Repair Services We supply a full range of parts and tower lighting systems. Schedule to have our crew visit your site for expert service.
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Our parts and systems are new OEM with manufacturer’s warranty.

With over 25 years of experience in the antenna obstruction lighting industry we are able to maintain complete OEM systems or supply the smallest of parts for all aircraft avoidance and obstruction lighting needs. Even rare and obsolete parts for older systems!

We have aircraft warning lights from all major manufacturers.

Our inventory includes LED and Incandescent Red Light Controllers, L-864 300mm Red Light Beacons, L-866 Catenary White Medium Intensity, AOL Beacons, L-810 Steady Burning Red Obstruction light Side Marker lights, L-864/L-865 Dual White and Red, L-856 High Intensity White, L-885 Flashing Red, LED Obstruction Beacons, Xenon Strobe Flash Tubes, Halogen Lamps and Incandescent Bulbs for Tower and Power Plant Stack Obstruction Lighting to meet FAA aviation obstruction guidelines.