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We custom build Red Light Incandescent or LED Red Light Controllers for your tower! We can also supply controllers for your High Intensity System.

Flash Tubes and Bulbs
Browse our complete selection of flash tubes and lamps today! Any thing from Incandescent and halogen bulbs to High Intensity Flash Tubes.

Scroll through our wide variety of Capacitors. Made in USA and environmently friendly.

PCBs & Printed Circuit Boards
Timing and Trigger, High Voltage Rectifier, MotherBoards, Controller, Sense Transformers, Sync and Monitor, Logic Boards, etc.

Power transformers, Trigger transformers, Burst and Flash Chokes, Logic transformers and Marker Interface transformers for high-intensity and medium intensity aircraft obstruction lighting.

Relays for 120V and 24V circuits. Glass Relays, Mode / Intensity Relays, Power Relays,
Solid State Relays, and Flashers.

Wiring Harnesses, Terminal Blocks, Interlock & Mode Switches
A complete list of Wiring Harnesses, Terminal Blocks, Interlock and Mode Switches.

Flash Tube Clips & Sockets
A complete list of Flash Tube Clips and Flash Tube Sockets.

A complete list of Resistors. From 20 to 50,000 ohm, we have the resistor for you.

Miscellaneous Parts
Browse through Actuators, Mounting Assemblies, Photocells, 400mm Lids
Red Light Marker Fixtures, Reflectors, RC Networks, RF Filter Kit, Voltage Selector Strips Spacers, Ceramic Posts, and Window Kits.

Lightning Protection
We have fuzzy brushes and mounts in stock and ready to ship!

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