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Tower Beacon Lightning Protection

The Tower Beacon Static Dissipation Brush has been our go to lightning protection for many years. Each static dissipation brush features 12,000 stainless steel point! This brush offers superb quality and protection with no maintenance. It is designed for ease of installation, cost-effectiveness and maximum protection. The Tower Beacon Static Dissipation Brush system is used mainly on tall towers and structures throughout the world.

Broadcast and communications towers are at the highest risk of lightning strikes. Not only are the towers at risk of lightning strikes, but also the cellular, broadcast, and communications antennas mounted on them. At risk too, are the attached cell site equipment, radio transmitters, coaxial cables, and tower lighting systems.

Static dissipation array's are used to protect towers, antennas and the areas around them from a lightning strike. This relatively new and advanced air terminal replaces conventional lightning rods. Static dissipation arrays function by dissipating static electrical charge which provides an easier route for static ground charge to reach value necessary to trigger a lightning strike. Since a static dissipation system must provide a low resistance path to the atmosphere, it seems logical to provide as many discharge points as reasonably possible, that is why our static dissipation brushes feature 12,000 points each. On a tower structure, charge tends to gather at, and dissipate from the tower top, antennas, antenna mounts, lighting systems and from corners. The most effective way to mount a dissipater in terms of structure, weight, and wind loading is to enhance this natural dissipation by supporting the dissipater from the structure itself at these natural dissipation points. Since most antenna and tower structures are steel, direct attachment provides excellent conductivity. As a practical matter, the dissipater configuration should be tailored to the structure.

We can provide a complete lightning protection system tailored to your tower.
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