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Flash Tubes, Halogen &
Incandescent Bulbs

We have aircraft warning light bulbs, flash tubes, and lamps for all popular strobes and beacons.

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Halogen Beacon Bulb
Used in Flash Technology: FH 309.
OEM lamp PN: F4877701 / 8777, AHQ6V24V400WL80
F4877701, Halogen Beacon Bulb
Halogen Marker Bulb
OEM lamp for the following systems:
Flash Technology: L810 and OL2.
PN: F4880201 / 8802, AHQ4V24V40WF81.
F4880201, Halogen Marker Bulb
620W Code Beacon Lamp
This is the standard to which all other beacons are measured. Use with incandescent 300mm Beacons from Honeywell,
H&P, Flash Technology, Unimar and other red light systems.
Rated 8000 hours. 1-year parts warranty. LED Upgrade Lamp

300mm Beacon Bulb, 620w, 120v
116W Obstruction Light Bulb
Incandescent side marker lamp for Honeywell, H&P,
Flash Technology, Unimar and other red light systems.
Rated at 8000 hours. 1-year parts warranty
Incandescent Marker Bulb, 116w, 120v
9" Flash Tube
Used in the 1KV Flash Technology systems: 205-11, 208-2,
225-2, 305-2, 204.
PN: F8671301, F4587703
Installation Instruction for Linear Tubes PDF
F4587703 / F8671301, Flash Tube
15" Flash Tube
Used in the 1.5KV Flash Technology high intensity systems.
PN: F8466301, XL-1736
F8466301, Flash Tube
8" Flash Tube
Linear flash tube used in Honeywell SS-125 and SGF-60
strobe systems including "Gen 1", "Gen 2".
PN: 77-3295.
SGF-60-E flash tube also available, PN 40001139-001.
77-3295 / 40001139-001, Flash Tube
16" Flash Tube
Used in the older Honeywell / EG&G / H&P SS-123 system.
PN: 277-2123, XL-1219, FXG-1C-16
277-2123, Flash Tube
307 Flash Tube
Used in Flash Technology systems 83F, 101, 306, 307,
312 and 324 Red Night and Dual Light system.
PN: F8384309, F8384308, 8812-701, XL-1959
F8384309, Flash Tube
308 Flash Tube
Used in the Flash Technology systems: 308, 310, 315, 324,
328, 339, 400, 710 and 700 systems.
PN: F8384329, XL-1841
F8384329, Flash Tube
EG&G Flash Tube
Used in the EG&G / Honeywell / H&P: FH 128 and FH 129 AOLs
PN: 277-2818
277-2818, Flash Tube Assembly, 129 Flash Head

Flash Guard Series String Tube
Use with Honeywell / H&P 2000 / 3000 series Flash Guard
Systems, including FG-2000, FG-2000B, FG-2003B, FG-2009B,
FG-3000B and FG-3003. P/N: 77-4209, 77-4044, 12S00602, FXQSL-1615-2.5, FT0-00FG-02K.
Also available without EMI Suppression.

77-4209 / 12S00602, FG-2000, FG-3000, FG-2000B, FG-3000B Flash Tube String
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